LCCTC Advisory Council Meeting

PRESENT: Tommy Clements, Joann Eldridge, Don Glass, Phil Hensley, Alan Ingle, Jane Jones, Larry Mosley, Scott Napier, Wanda Parsons, William Sage, Marty Seabolt, Sheilah Spivey, Mary Sprinkle, Michelle Warner, Terry Welch, Sheri Yates TEACHERS: Jonathan Grimes, Greg Rasnic, Beth Shell STUDENT: Justin Miles

Before the meeting was called to order, Mr. Welch, Principal from LCCTC, greeted everyone with a sincere thank you for their attendance. After self-introductions, he announced that student Justin Miles would be updating the council concerning FFA activities. Other student organization updates would be given following Justin’s narrative. Ms. Joann Wilson, Culinary Arts Instructor, invited everyone to partake of refreshments provided by her Culinary Arts classes.

Chairman Marty Seabolt called the meeting to order. He thanked everyone for their attendance and acknowledged the horticulture program for providing plants for decorations before conducting the meeting.

Justin Miles, FFA President, provided information concerning FFA activities. He and Austin Dean had participated in Small Engines/Tractor Troubleshooting and ranked second at the state fair. In Forestry competition, JMS ranked second and advance to state competition. FFA has participated in Farm and Family Day at Lincoln Memorial University. Plans are complete for delegates to attend National Convention October 28 – 31 in Louisville, Kentucky. Plans are being developed to participate in November in the Soil Judging contest, County-Wide Ag Day at the vet school at LMU, and other various community service events.

Marty Seabolt updated the Council on other student organizations. DECA participated in the Leadership Conference at MECC on October 5. DECA Week will be celebrated 10/26-30/2015 with Breakfast and Lunch provided for students on alternate days. District Competitions will take place 11/12 at MECC. Instructors will be testing students for the next two weeks. Total membership is currently 130. FBLA visited Fenders’ Farm (corn maze) on October 1. Members participated in the Samaritan’s Purse project and took several shoeboxes filled with convenience items. Plans are being developed to attend the Leadership Conference at UVAWise on 10/26. FCCLA continues to have membership drives/sign-ups and plan on participating in spring competitions. The annual Biltmore House field trip has been scheduled for 11/13. The organization has participated in sending care packages to Vo-Tech alumni who are serving in Armed Forces. HOSA volunteered at the RAM clinic here in Lee County on 9/12-13/2015. HOSA sponsored a blood donation drive for Marsh Regional Blood on 10/9 and received 36 units of blood. Students participated in Lee County Farm Bureau’s sessions that monitored blood pressure and blood glucose levels. HOSA helped caregivers in taking 16 patients to see “Coal Miner’s Daughter” at Lee Theater. Clinical hours are now being accumulated on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Ridgecrest Nursing Home in Duffield and Lee Nursing and Rehab in Pennington. Nursing instructors expressed their opinion that Certified Nursing Assistant classes are needed here at the school. Because of the equipment already here, this would have a minimal start-up cost. Instructors believe an after hours program would be effective to attract both working and unemployed postgraduates. Phil Hensley moved to support establishing a CNA program. Bill Sage seconded and the motion carried. NJROTC plans to participate in the Tobacco Festival Parade on 10/24 and JMS Veterans’ Day activities on November 11. The Annual Food Drive has been scheduled for 12/5. The group also plans to participate in the St. Charles Christmas parade in December. SkillsUSA will have the annual VATIE meeting on 11/2 at Wise Career and Technical Center. Mr.Seabolt told of a visit made by Mr. Welch, Mr.Rasnic, and himself to Washington County Neff Center in Abingdon. The school has a modular home that was built on site by instructor supervised students. The Center partners with Habitat for Humanity as their funding source who later has the home moved to a site. Students enjoy seeing the results of working with their hands to create the structure. Mr. Seabolt expressed an interest in having a program like this at LCCTC. Scott Napier from the Lee County Redevelopment and Housing Authority stated that Habitat for Humanity does not have an organization in Lee County (nearest is located in Rogersville and Kingsport), Appalachian Services Project is located in Jonesville and provides similar services. Don Glass and Marty Seabolt spoke of the previous program here that allowed students to go to the site where a house was built and then sold. According to Phil Hensley, four houses were built and sold at auction. Proceeds paid expenses for the next house. There are three more lots that were purchased for that same intended purpose. It was suggested to try that same approach; however, there was a concern about losing work hours due to transportation and already having shorter amounts of instructional time. Mary Sprinkle moved to support the reestablishing of the program of building homes on-site for relocation to another site for sale. Larry Mosely seconded the motion. After voicing support from our council members from the Housing Authority and Board of Supervisors, the motion carried.

Sheilah Spivey moved to approve the minutes from the April 7, 2015, meeting. Tommy Clements seconded the motion and it carried.

Jonathan Grimes, Networking and Computer Repair Instructor, spoke to the group about the Cyberpatriot program where students learn to harden systems to prevent hacking. Students have signed up, and he has one team of students from the NJROTC program as well as one team of other students. This is not just for students enrolled in computer-related classes. There are currently 1,638 teams nationally with 1,281 being ROTC teams. There are currently 460 middle school and he would like to begin a middle school team next year for grades 6 through 8. When asked for the status of CISCO, LCCTC was already a member of the CISCO Academy. Marion, Ohio, is the location of our support center. Mr. Grimes is working on building the equipment inventory. Mr. Welch spoke of the dedication of the students involved as well as the instructor who has spent six hours on each of two Sunday afternoons to work on this.

Mr. Greg Rasnic, carpentry instructor, spoke next about the new program. He has 12 students in grades 10 – 12 with one female (best at driving the nail) in the group. All 12 students passed the OSHA 10 credentialing test. They have drawn plans for and built two coffins for Halloween. Students are now working on framing walls for an eight by eight foot area. Mr. Rasnic is working with students in developing skills that use basic math, fractions, 360˚, circles, hexagons, and squares. Rasnic stated that after Katrina, Louisiana discovered they did not have people skilled to rebuild the state. Lee County had the foresight to look ahead and bring back a program with those necessary skills. Mr. Hensley offered 6” X 6” posts for students to use in class.

Mr. Glass commended the school and council for moving in a good direction with the addition of the new carpentry program and prospective on-site homebuilding, a full-time guidance counselor, and the new Cyberpatriot student organization. Alan Ingle thanked everyone in attendance for their help and echoed Mr. Glass’s thoughts. Looking back at the minutes from the Spring Meeting, the additions are results of the people being here on the Council supporting LCCTC. He informed the council of upcoming SkillsUSA contests that will be hosted at LCCTC. He let them know that judges would be needed and council members may be called upon to assist.

Mr. Welch with the VDOE will determine the date for the upcoming Federal Review/Self-Assessment. The NJROTC program continues seeking a replacement for the senior instructor. A female has expressed interest but will not be available until July. The Council learned of Chief Skiba’s dedication to the program by Mr. Welch informing the group that Skiba withdrew retirement paperwork in order to have the program continue; Skiba was actually planning on retiring before Lt. Bunch had retired. Skiba continues to focus his attention to the program in spite of not having a senior officer as well as the personal loss of a sister and more recently his father. The Automotive Technology program recently underwent its midterm review for ASE certification. The process for initial certification for the autobody program has begun and will hopefully be completed in the Spring. Changes in Perkins funding resulted in cut is some areas and is approximately 96% of last year’s amount.

Tommy Clements from MECC as well as the Virginia Community College System said they do not meet requirement for nontraditional students. LCCTC has good numbers of nontraditional students in ROTC, Sports Marketing, Culinary Arts, and the carpentry program is a bonus. Due to culinary numbers changing, this may no longer be considered a nontraditional field for either gender in the near future. Jane Jones of MECC spoke about the HIM grant that is in its second year. She said they are hoping for an extension and this particular program pays for tuition and books for students. This program of study leads to being a certified professional (Registered Health Information Administrator) upon successful completion of the required examinations. MECC recently had its fifth year SACS review. There are 1,154 dual enrollment students; SACS representatives visited schools and made no recommendation. There were no problems with credentialing in CTE classes.

There was no old business. Under new business, the need for an EMS program arose. Mr. Welch told the council members that pamphlets and brochures on CTE/ACTE programs were available on the desk in front of the room.

Scott Napier moved to adjourn the meeting. Bill Sage seconded the motion and it carried.

We had four instructors attend summer T&I conference. Perkins money eventually will be used exclusively for credential testing.

NOTE: These minutes are pending approval at the spring 2016 meeting.