The marketing program is an important segment of the total educational program. Program goals include the attainment of competencies for work, further education and training, and personal use.

Course Offerings

Principals of Business and Marketing (8115)

Students explore the roles of business and marketing in the free enterprise system and the global economy. You attend classes and have occupational experiences to help prepare for jobs in marketing.

Marketing (Co-op)(8120)

Students are introduced to functions and foundations involved in marketing of goods, services, and ideas and achieve skills necessary for successful marketing employment. The course combines classes with supervised on-the-job training in local businesses.

Advanced Marketing (Co-op)(8130)

Students continue to gain knowledge of marketing functions as they relate to supervisory and management responsibilities and develop skills needed for advancement. The course combines classes with work in local businesses.

Sports, Entertainment, and Recreation (Co-op) (8175)

Students develop skills in the area of marketing analysis, event marketing, communication, and human relations, along with a thorough understanding of the sports, entertainment, and recreation history.

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