Horticulture is the art or practice of garden cultivation and management.

Horticulture I

Specific Objectives

Horticulture II

Horticulture II is designed as a one-year, double-period, occupational preparation course. Units of instruction include growing greenhouse crops; producing and maintaining nursery crops; establishing, maintaining, and designing landscape plantings; establishing and maintaining turf grass; and operation and operation a garden center. Leadership skills continue to be developed. This class can also be taken as a dual credit through MECC.

Specific Objectives

Horticulture III

Horticulture III is a one-year, advanced, occupational preparation course. Major learning areas include planning and managing horticulture facilities and crops; managing horticultural businesses; and merchandising, advertising, displaying, and selling horticultural products and services. Leadership development is emphasized. This class can also be taken as dual credit through MECC.

Specific Objectives

Text and Materials: Various textbooks, which are used in the classroom, handouts, hands-on experiences, greenhouse work, and outdoor landscaping/campus flowerbeds.

Class is a two-hour daily class.

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