Family & Consumer Science

Family and consumer sciences is an academic discipline that combines aspects of social and natural science. Family & Consumer Sciences was previously known as Home Economics until the 1990s when the official title was changed to Family & Consumer Sciences, encompassing more aspects outside of home life and wellness.

Family Focus Programs

Family Focus programs prepares students to balance their family and work roles through the following semester-long or yearlong course offerings. Students who wish to learn more about specific content areas may enroll in a work focus program for concentrated study. A series of common competencies is integrated into each course. These are related to balancing work and family responsibilities, solving individual and family problems, relating to others in positive and caring ways, and assuming leadership roles as a family member and responsible community citizen.

Resource Management

Students enrolled in resource management focus on managing Resource Management focus on managing resources to achieve individual goals; making informed consumer choices; creating and maintaining a living environment that supports the well-being of individuals; living in a global environment; making decisions related to nutrition, clothing, and housing; and managing a household.

Individual Development

Students enrolled in Individual Development focus on encouraging personal potential of self and others throughout the life span; enhancing positive views of self and others; managing stressful situations; formulating a plan to achieve career goals; forming healthy, caring relationships with family members and peers; managing conflict; choosing responsible ways to express oneself; and evaluating the importance of responsible parenting to individuals, families, and society.

Introduction to Hospitality

The hospitality, tourism, and recreation focus on hospitality operations on a system wide basis, including travel arrangement and the promotion of travel facilities Included in the course is instruction in principles and operation of recreation and attractions, travel and tourism, hotel and lodging facilities, food services, and industry policies and regulations. Teachers integrate the basic skills of related math, science, and communication when appropriate to the content.

Students will do the following:

Nutrition and Wellness

Students enrolled in Nutrition and Wellness focus on making choices that promote wellness and good health; analyzing relationships between psychological and social needs and food choices; choosing foods that promote wellness; obtaining and storing food for self and family; preparing and serving nutritious meals and snacks; selecting and using equipment for food preparation; and identifying strategies to promote optimal nutrition and wellness of society.

Life Planning

Students enrolled in Life Planning focus on developing a life management plan; caring for self and others to ensure wellness; building and maintaining constructive relationships; building and maintaining strong, functional families; developing strategies for lifelong career planning; coordination personal and career responsibilities; and establishing a plan for using resources.

Family Relations

Student enrolled in Family Relations focus on analyzing the significance of the family, nurturing human development in the family through the life span analyzing factors that build and maintain healthy family relationship, developing communication patterns that effectively with family roles and responsibilities, and analyzing social forces that influence families across the life span.

Teachers highlight basic skills in each course of math, science, and communication when appropriate in the content.

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