Cosmetology is the professional skill or practice of beautifying the face, hair, and skin.

Prospective Students

Students who are interested in Cosmetology I should enroll during the scheduling of their 10th grade year.It is preferred that you attend a three hour block each day. However, we do accept two hour students. Students will not only complete book work they will also enjoy hands on/learning experiences in shampoos, sets, styles, cuts, facials, color techniques and much more! High school students are taken on a priority bases over postgraduates. Post graduates will be accepted on a “Per Opening” basis. Interested students should contact your school guidance counselor. Cosmetology encourages non-traditional student enrollment. We gladly accept and encourage the attendance of both male and female students including post-graduate students. We strongly encourage anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in the field of cosmetology to give the Lee County Career and Technical Center the opportunity to introduce you to your new future!

Beauty Salon Assistant

Suggested Grade Levels: 10 or 11 (36 weeks)

The Beauty Salon Assistant course prepares students for work as an assistant in a hair salon. Students study and prepare in a clinical lab setting, learning practical and manipulative skills. The program emphasizes safety and sanitation, shampooing and conditioning, retailing, inventory control, and receptionist work. Competency completions allow students a certificate for entry-level employment. The cooperative education method is available for this course. Students combine classroom instruction and supervised on-the-job training in an approved position with continuing supervision throughout the school year.

More information: Beauty Salon Assistant

Cosmetology I

Suggested Grade Level: 10 or 11 (36 weeks)

In this introductory course, students study hair, skin, and nails and their related care. Students are grounded in theory as they prepare to practice procedures in a clinical lab setting or classroom, using mannequins for manipulative skill practice. The first-year course emphasizes personal safety, professionalism, and sanitation of equipment and facilities. Students develop skills in shampooing and conditioning hair as well as styling and cutting hair. They also receive an introduction to manicure and pedicure procedures.

More information: Cosmetology 1

Cosmetology II

Suggested Grade Levels: 11 or 12 (36 weeks)
Prerequisite: Cosmetology I

In this advanced course, students build on their theoretical foundation in cosmetology and increase proficiency in hair cutting and styling on live models, with attention to professionalism, client consultation, safety, and sanitation. Students are trained in safety and chemical processes related to permanent waves, relaxing, soft-curling, lightening, and coloring hair. They also develop artistic skills with artificial hair. In addition, students learn to care for skin, hands, and feet, developing expertise in providing facials, manicures, and pedicures.

More information: Cosmetology 2

Cosmetology III

Suggested Grade Level: 12 (36 weeks)
Prerequisite: Cosmetology II (36 weeks)

In Trade and Industrial Education, task lists traditionally have been shared among related course codes and course titles. To meet new Perkins IV requirements, these competency lists have been divided to specifically address each level (I, II, III, IV). Please note that this Level III course is in transition. For more information, contact the Trade and Industrial Education program specialist at VDOE.

More information: Cosmetology 3

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