Computer Systems Technology

Computer systems technology is the design and construction of computers, peripherals, related electronics, and operating systems to better help people at their work, school, or home.

What Will I study?

Students enter the world of computer technology and gain practical experience in assembling a computer system, installing an operating system, troubleshooting computers and peripherals, and using system tools and diagnostic software. They develop skills in computer networking and resource sharing. In addition, students explore the relationships between internal and external computer components. Emphasis is placed on customer service skills and career exploration.

Why Choose Computer Systems Technology?

In the workforce of today, the constant reliance on computer technology is ever-increasing. In nearly every job today, it is required that a person is computer literate. Some employers are in need of individuals that go far beyond the basic need of computer literacy. They are wanting an individual with an understanding of how a computer is built, and how it interacts with other computers and devices. Lee Career Center addresses these needs through both traditional and non-traditional methods that help bridge the gap between basic computer literacy and advanced hardware and software troubleshooting. These methods give the necessary building blocks to an individual interested in becoming an IT expert, or entering straight into the workforce.

What Kind of Jobs Can I Get?

Go Deeper!

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