Child Care

Introduction to Early Childhood Education

This course is designed for the student to learn about quality care for children and good parenting skills. Students focus on the principles of child growth and development; development of self-concepts and building self-esteem; appreciation of diversity; learning experiences for children; principles of guiding children in a positive manner; healthy and safe environments; career development; and careers related to early childhood professionals through hands-on exploration, projects, and group learning. It starts with decision-making steps toward having a family and insights into careers involving children. The course includes nutrition and prenatal development, how to take care of young children, child growth and development, why children behave the way they do, how play is children’s work, how to discipline children, communication techniques, and planning activities for children of various ages.

Early Childhood Education I

This course is designed for students interested in preparing to be primary providers of home-, family-, or institution-based child care services, and early childhood teachers in child care occupations by focusing on the planning, organizing, and conducting of meaningful play and learning activities. Students will monitor and supervise, keep records, and learn referral procedures. Critical thinking, practical problem solving and entrepreneurship opportunities within the field of early childhood education are emphasized. Students receive classroom instruction in infant, toddler, preschool, elementary and special needs children and gain practical experience working with preschool children in the Lab School program. Students learn basic principles of child growth and development, explore the characteristics of early childhood programs and implementation of early childhood curriculum. Students also prepare for continuing education leading to careers in early childhood fields such as medical, social services, and education.

College Credit Possible: Students must apply; this is a dual enrolled course with Mountain Empire Community College.

Early Childhood Education II

This course is for students who have successfully completed Early Childhood Education I. The course continues to improve students’ skills in teaching young children. Students will focus on occupational skills needed to be employed in the early childhood-related fields, such as education, medical/health care, social services, counseling, psychology, and entrepreneurship. Students will also have the opportunity to implement a variety of early childhood curriculum activities in the Lab School under the supervision of the instructor. Critical thinking, problem solving, and entrepreneurship opportunities within the childcare field are emphasized. Completion of Early Childhood Education I and II will assist students in the NOCTI industry credentialing. This credential will assist students who work after graduation find employment at a higher level of responsibility and compensation.

College Credit Possible: Students must apply; this is a dual enrolled course with Mountain Empire Community College.

Specific Objectives in the Early Childhood Education Course Offerings

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