Agriculture is the science or practice of farming, including cultivation of the soil for the growing of crops and the rearing of animals to provide food, wool, and other products.

Agricultural Mechanics and Basic Plant Science (I)

Agricultural mechanics, with emphasis placed on skill development in basic metals, tool fitting and cold metals, basic arc welding, sheet metal, soldering and brazing, plan reading and sketching, and hand woodworking tools. Also emphasizes the development of competencies in plant sciences, rural and urban living, leadership, and resource conservation.

Agriculture I is offered at the high school and middle schools. Ag. I is a high school credit course, meaning students at the middle schools who pass will receive a high school credit. Students may then take Ag. II at the high school level.

Agricultural Mechanics and Basic Animal Science (II)

Emphasis placed on fundamentals of electricity, arc welding, gas cutting and welding, small engines, power woodworking, and wood and metal preservatives. Also, receive instruction in animal science and further develop competencies in rural and urban living, leadership, and resource conservation.

Agricultural Production Technology (III)

Emphasis on plant science, animal science, soil science, agricultural business management, and agricultural mechanization, based upon the student’s employment objective. Supervised occupational experience programs and leadership training are important parts in this course.

Agricultural Production Management (IV)

Course includes instruction in agricultural mechanics, with emphasis placed on the application of mechanical skills to farm power and machinery, soil and water management, supervised farming programs, and leadership training.

Operating the Farm Business (V)

Students focus on farming, farm management, and occupational experience as they receive instruction in adjusting, operation, and maintaining farm machinery and equipment and in planning and constructing farm buildings and facilities. Continued emphasis is placed on leadership training.

All students enrolled in agriculture are encouraged to participate in FFA, the student organization, for additional leadership and personal development. Through career development events, such as public speaking, forestry, and livestock judging, FFA members extend and test their industry knowledge in a variety of career fields.

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