Our Mission

Lee County Career and Technical Center’s mission is to create a safe educational environment to enable all students to achieve quality academic, technical, employability and life skills for a smooth transition into post-secondary schools, the world of work, and for continuous lifelong learning.

Our Vision

Lee County Career and Technical Center envisions a clean, safe, and productive school that will provide students with opportunities to develop to the fullest of their abilities in higher order reasoning and problem solving skills. Lee County Career and Technical Center will produce highly technical individuals ready to meet the needs of the changing job market. LCCTC will be the developer of future business owners as a result of valuable collaborative working relationships between the school, business, and industry.

Our Beliefs

  1. Each student has the right to a quality education in a safe and conducive environment.
  2. Students learn in different ways and should be provided with a variety of instructional approaches to help them succeed.
  3. Each student is valued individually with unique physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs.
  4. The commitment to continuous improvement is imperative to enable students to become confident, self-directed, and lifelong workers.
  5. Schools need to function as learning organizations to promote opportunities to work together as a community of learners.
  6. Schools should offer curriculums that are diverse, challenging, and unbiased to encourage all students to succeed.

Our Core Values

Lee County Career and Technical Center will structure its operations, training, and educational programs around the core values of accountability, respect, responsibility, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration.

  1. Accountability is essential for an environment of learning. Those who are accountable stand by their words and actions, taking full responsibility for what they create and for what they contribute to the community.
  2. Respect is a prerequisite for enhancing learning. Community members who respect themselves and others help create a safe, yet open, climate of learning.
  3. Responsibility is the root of success. Students who assume personal responsibility for their education will reach their goals. Responsible students also make contributions to their communities.
  4. Critical thinking is the fundamental purpose of higher education. The ability to solve problems through the application of the appropriate skills is critical to all disciplines.
  5. Communication is increasingly the key competency for living and working in the information age. Communicating effectively in oral and written forms through traditional and new media is a powerful tool for personal and career success.
  6. Collaboration creates teams, by bringing together individual knowledge and talents, which are greater than the sum of their parts. Such teamwork maximizes benefits to individuals and community.