The Lee County Career and Technical Center first opened its doors to the community back in 1965. It was opened in the building that previously housed the Ben Hur Elementary School. After the changes and construction were made to the building, it encompassed an area of 46,150 cubic feet. The total cost of this construction at the time was $703,566.

During the first year of its opening, five departments were opened to high school students residing in Lee County. Ever since the opening of Lee County Career and Technical Center, there have been various additions and renovations made to the school to help create greater opportunities for residents of Lee County.

Statment of Philosophy

The original statement of philosophy of LCCTC was created on the basic assumption that there should be equal educational opportunities for all people:

“Every student in our school must have the opportunity to devilop to the fullest extent possible in all of his or her capabilities. The ideals that this school seeks to develop include a respect for the dignity and worth of every human being, as well as an appreciation of work at all levels, and an appreciation for the fact that a variety of talents contribute to the common welfare. The program of this school is designed to respect the individual need of the student. Each student must be taken as he or she is assisted with the development of the skill, abilities and personality, so that he or she may be able to meet the employment needs of business and industry and become a good citizen.”