Welcome to the Lee Career Center!

Across the country, Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs are constantly changing to meet the country’s needs. At the core of a CTE program, it combines academics with real-world application in hopes of preparing students to quickly enter the workforce. CTE currently touches the lives of over 14 million students nationwide.

In February of 2014, President Obama delivered a State of the Union address and he continually stressed the importance of access to higher quality education at an early age. President Obama is committed to redesigning high schools with this in mind. CTE is based around the idea that not everyone needs a four-year degree to be successful. Instead, CTE is designed to help an individual find a successful, family-sustaining job through a combination of postsecondary education and industry-recognized credentials.

Our economy is reliant upon our current and future workforce. It is vital that we work to ensure that students of all ages are prepared for both college and a successful career. Here at Lee County Career and Technical Center, we are the first step into a successful future.

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