Jonesville Middle School

"A Bridge to Success"

Highest Average Attendance for 2015-2016



JMS Dress Code for 2016-2017
1.  The showing of cleavage, undergarments, see through clothing, tank tops or tops with spaghetti straps will be prohibited.  Shirts must cover the midriff.
2.  Shorts, skirts, and all slits in clothing shall not exceed six inches above the bend of the center of the knee.  Holes in clothing are included.
3.  Skin tight clothing, pajamas, lounge pants, oversized clothing, and any clothing that poses a safety issue will be prohibited.
4.  Clothing that is disruptive to the educational setting , including, but not limited to, clothing with alcohol, gang, drug, sexual, tobacco, or profane messages will be prohibited.
5.  Head dress, including bandanas, caps, hoods, etc. will be prohibited.
6.  Body markings, body piercings, shoes, and jewelry that are disruptive or may pose a safety issue will be prohibited.
7.  Book bags, totes, and other oversized bags are to remain in lockers during class periods.
1st Offense: Warning / Inform of Appropriate Dress / Change into Appropriate Dress
2nd Offense:  ISS /ASD / Notification of Parent / Change into Appropriate Dress
3rd Offense: ISS / ASD / Notification of Parent / Change into Appropriate Dress /
                         Parent Conference
4th Offense:  ISS / OSS / Notification of Parent / Change into Appripriate Dress /
                         Parent Conference


                                                                       PowerSchool Parent Access

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Food City 2015-2016 School Bucks Information

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Kaley Shupe 4-H Share the Fun Winner

JMS Chorus Participates in Lee County Kaleidoscope

JMS Band Participates in Lee County Kaleidoscope

Colton Wilder Lee County Reserve Grand Champion
Intermediate Showmanship &
Bristol District 2nd Place Steer

Jazmyn Smith Lee County Reserve Grand Champion Steer &
Grand Champion Intermediate Showmanship

Sarah Graham Wins FFA Creed Speaking Contest

4-H Share the Fun
Kaley Shupe, Tori Pilon, Jasmine Crawford, Bella White,
Selina Parsons, Caroline Horner, Darrien Yeary

Caleb Belcher Wins JMS Geography Bee &
Ranks Among Best in VA State Contest

Madison Combs All-District Chorus Honors


Miranda Howard All-District Band Honors

FFA State Parliamentary Procedure Members Receive Silver Rating
Sarah Graham, Hunter Howard, Callie Perkins, Caleb Belcher,  
Jasmine Brewer, Dalton Langley

"Wake Up to Breakfast" Winners
C.J. Eldridge, Ryan Bales, Ashton Campbell, Kyle Chance, Nicole Fee

Mr. JMS Kantor Davis and Miss JMS Samantha Alford

Spelling Bee Winner: #17 Tyler Garwood
Second Place:  #9 Kylee Honeycutt
Third Place:  #16 Laine Brooks

Geography Bee Winner:  Caleb Belcher
Second Place:  Chloe Dean
Third Place:  Tyler Garwood

Bailey Nash Selected for
Virginia House of Delegate Student Page Program

Read-Aloud Week

Caleb Belcher, Jasmine Brewer, Sarah Graham, Callie Perkins
2nd in Appalachian FFA Forestry Contest/Qualify for State Contest

Kayla Weston
2015 JMS Homecoming Queen

JMS Honors Veterans

New Picnic Tables Allow Students to Enjoy Eating Outside
When Weather Permits